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Love My Water Bottle Project

Love My Water Bottle Project

About Love My Water Bottle Project

LoveMyWaterBottle.com first started while I was on holiday with my family. I was having fun playing on the beach, building great big sand castles, and walking down the beautiful coast. But then I noticed some water bottles floating in the sea. I walked closer, picked a couple of them up and carried them over to show my mum and dad, telling them that someone must have lost their bottles.

They both looked at each other and I noticed they looked a little sad as they told me those bottles were not the same as the bottle I use. The bottles I had fished out of the water were disposable plastic water bottles which had been thrown away and not recycled.

I couldn’t understand this! I love my water bottle and I will never throw it away. This is when my idea for Love My Water Bottle first hit me! Maybe if everyone else could have the same bottle as me, they wouldn’t throw it away either?

This isn’t the first bottle I’ve had. Some leaked in my book bag, some were too difficult to open, some were too tricky to clean. But the bottle I have now? I couldn’t imagine throwing it away!

The bottles that I have selected at LoveMyWaterBottle.com can last for many years. All the bottles listed here on LoveMyWaterBottle.com are easy to open, completely leak-proof and are always easy to clean and refill. We have a range of colours and designs to choose from too; From strong, practical and stylish water bottles and thermo flasks, cleverly designed for adults and families on the go, to novelty, characterful bottles perfect for kids! Whatever your age or lifestyle, we have a water bottle here to suit you.

Did you know that even just one disposable plastic water bottle can take hundreds of years to decompose? It’s also harming animals! Fish and other creatures can get stuck, permanently injured or even die as a result of the bottle itself or from the chemicals the plastic releases into the water. I don’t want to be harming animals, or our planet.

It’s even easier to re-fill your water bottle than to buy a whole new one every time! Loads of public places have water fountains where you can fill up your water bottle!

This is why Love My Water Bottle has been created.

From LoveMyWaterBottle.com, you can buy a refillable water bottle which you can use over and over again, helping to benefit the environment and future generations. It may seem simple, and it is, but it’s a big way to show you care about the environment and help to boost awareness. Just think, if everybody did it, it would have such a positive impact! For every bottle that I sell, I will donate £1 starting with my local schools as part of my Love My Water Bottle Project. Supporting this project will help teach children in our school to recycle and avoid single use plastic products, as it is so important to raise awareness of this issue.

I am currently donating £1 for every bottle sold on LoveMyWaterBottle.com, to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Bishop's Stortford. Once I successfully meet my target of £5000 in funds raised, another school will be chosen to participate in the Love My Water Bottle Project, helping to spread the word further and raise money for schools all over the UK.

Thank you for reading my story and for supporting me on my new adventure. My wish is that in the future we will all have refillable water bottles and that future generations can enjoy their holidays playing on the beach, building great big sand castles and walking down the beautiful coast, without seeing plastic water bottles floating in the sea.